Use the Link below to Register for the 2018 Mission Trip!

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Pizza & Ice Cream Fundraisers !

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Want to send an email or letter to a few relatives, asking for help in fundraising for the Mission Trip?  Here's some good info to include in your request.  

Our trip is July 8-14 to Hampden, WV.   It is on the WV/Kentucky border in Mingo County, the 2nd poorest county in WV.  Need there is tremendous.  Poverty is extreme in many places.  Unemployment is high.  Many children are in need of a safe and dry home, as there are still places not rebuilt from flooding 2 years ago.  We can help them with our skills.  The cost per person so far is $275.  This will go down the more fundraising we do!

We'll stay in the local church with bunk beds, a full kitchen & lounge space.  We'll make our own meals.  We work a full day M, T, TH & Fri, with a required day off on Wednesday.   

Here's how we're Fundraising:

  • 2 restaurant Fundraisers. One Tues 4/24 and one Mon 4/30.    We get 20% of all sales during the evening. Please come to one of these if you can!
  • The 100 Board. At church we have a Board with donations amounts from $1.00-$100.00.  We are taking contributions in Any amount. Every little bit helps us on the road to West Virginia.

Scenes from last year's Mission Trip - 2017...

THANK you to all the people who made this trip possible!

Supportive Families, mission trip participants and fundraising contributors.  

We could not have done it without all of you.  It takes a lot of hands, feet and hearts to be Christ in the world!

Please keep Larry and Martha in your prayers.