Family Resources


January 14th - Put your .02-Cents-a-Meal wagon to work!

After worship, join other families and kids as we take a trip to the grocery store to shop for food for the Food Bank.  We'll give you an amount to spend and a list of things needed. YOU figure out the best way to shop to get the most for your money!  We'll deliver to the Food Bank so you can see where it goes.


January 21 - Encouragement for Ethel

Our Sunday School sponsors a World Vision child named Ethel, with our Sunday School offering.  We are falling behind on our support, so will be collecting coins and writing letters to her during Fellowship Hour on 1/21.  Your family can bring coins, help collect and count coins donated, and write a letter to Ethel in Africa.  

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If you have 10 minutes in the car, on the treadmill or in the kitchen, take a listen to the Parent Cue podcasts.  Do I love or agree with all of them, nope.  But that is probably true of most any collection of opinions on Parenting.  You can find what is useful for you, where you and your kids are now.

There is some good stuff to be gleaned here.  True confession, after the first couple, I started hitting FF past the first 5 minutes of "chat" and went straight to the Interview or meat of the Podcast.  


  • What Fatherhood looks like in Different Seasons
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • 6 Gifts Every Kid Needs
  • Therapy is OK
  • Parenting on the Same Page
  • Sex Conversations in Phases
  • 5 Adults every Kids Needs
  • and many, any more...