Sunday School Schedule

  • April 1 - Easter Sunday !  This festival day of celebration will be full of music, Alleluias, and a children's Flower Procession.  There is no Sunday School this day, but there are many way for our kids to participate in Worship!
  • April 8 - Thomas Believes.  Ever feel like you're the last one to know?  Thomas needed to see. Paint w/ Lemons & Hide & Seek.
  • April 15 - Road to Emmaus.  Jesus appears and walks with his friends!  Matching games, bread, building roads.
  • April 22 - Breakfast & fishing with Jesus. Miracles keep happening. Paint Fish & sample snacks.
  • April 29 - Jesus goes to Heaven.  It's been a busy Easter season, and Jesus is ready to go to heaven.  Let's see how that happened!  Make clouds & balloon ascension.

Encouragement for Ethel

Our Sunday School sponsors a World Vision child named Ethel.  We are falling behind on our support, so will be collecting Sunday School offering each Sunday to help support Ethel.