Parent Resources and Child Protection Policy

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Series for Teens

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens is one of many good resources recommended to us by professional therapists who work with teens and families.

Other workbook topics include Emotions, Anger, Self-Esteem, Shyness, Negative Thinking and Mindfulness.

Here's the Amazon link:


Podcasts for parents

If you have 10 minutes in the car, on the treadmill or in the kitchen, take a listen to the Parent Cue podcasts.  Do I love or agree with all of them, nope.  But that is probably true of most any collection of opinions on Parenting.  You can find what is useful for you, where you and your kids are now.

There is some good stuff to be gleaned here.  True confession, after the first couple, I started hitting FF past the first 5 minutes of "chat" and went straight to the Interview or meat of the Podcast.  

I recommend The Grownups Guide to Teenage Humans as a nice start.  Interview is at 6:30, Meat at 13:00, Strategies at 18:30, parenting age 5 vs 15 at 22:30.

Topics include:

  • What Fatherhood looks like in Different Seasons

  • Parenting MS Boys

  • 6 Gifts Every Kid Needs

  • Therapy is OK

  • Sex Conversations in Phases

  • 5 Adults every Kids Needs

  • and many, any more.


Summary of the Child Protection Policy at CPCBA

Child/Children: any person(s) under the age of 18

Abuse: may include

  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional/verbal/psychological abuse

  • Spiritual abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Physical neglect

  • Medical neglect

The goals of this Child Protection Policy of CPCBA are to:

  • Make our church a safe space for children

  • Reduce the risk of misconduct toward or actual harm to children

  • Protect employees and volunteers from the appearance of impropriety and/or false allegations of abuse

  • Recognize that education regarding the issues of child abuse and child protection is critical for the safety of all

Guidelines for employees and volunteers:

Anyone working with a child/children must have the Request for Criminal Record Check and the PA Child Abuse History Clearance completed and on file with the church office.

All employees who come in contact with or are responsible for the care and/or supervision of a child/children must have a Completion of National Background search completed and on file in the church office..

Guidelines for adult/child interactions:

There must be two adults, preferably one over the age of 21, with any child/children. The adults shall not be family members of each other.

Reporting obligation:

It is state law that employees and volunteers report any suspected abuse to Childline, 1-800-932-0313 and/or Allegheny County Children Youth and Families, 412-473-2000.

This oral report must be made immediately, followed by a written report within 48 hours.

More information:

    Please contact the church office with questions or to obtain a copy of the complete Child Protection Policy.