Children's Ministry

Summer !

We don't stop being children of God in the summer!  We are still called & loved & led by the One who made the beautiful summer sunshine.  Spend a little while talking & listening to God in this busy summer.  Learn about God's amazing earth in the process!

June:  Water Stories

Genesis 1:6–10: Separation of the Water

Exodus 14:15–31: Parting of the Red Sea

Week 4: Mark 4:35–41: Calming of the Storm

July:  Food & Plant Stories

Exodus 16: Manna & Quail

Mark 6:31–44: Feeding of the 5,000

Leviticus 25:1–7: The Sabbatical Year

Mark 4:1–9: Parable of the Sower

August:  Animal Stories

Genesis 1:20–25: Creation of Animals

Jonah: Jonah and the Big Fish

Luke 15:1–7: Parable of the Lost Sheep

Upcoming for Children and Families...


Sunday, May 21

Our .02 Cents-a-Meal WAGON collection!  Collect .02 cents per person, per meal at home each day.  Kids will pull/push the wagon around during church to collect all the change! 

Meet in Pastor's office after worship to sort the coins:)

Camp Crestfield

As kids count coins on 5/21 Parents can chat with folks from Camp Crestfield about what they offer for Elementary kids.  Generations of our kids have attended Camp and we highly recommend them!

Sunday, June 11

Kids of all ages are needed at our World Vision Lemonade Stand for Faith in Action Sunday!  We'll be selling cups on the lawn after church to support our World Vision child, Ethel from Malawi. 

We'll also be finishing up some decorating for Day Camp:)

June 12-15

DAY CAMP !  9am-12pm, M, T & Thursday.

Wednesday we go to Camp Crestfield all day!

You're always welcome to bring a friend:)

Info is on the 2017 Day Camp tab above,  

or click here to Register Online

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Sunday School for Children is held during the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service in the school year. Children attend the first portion of the service with their families and after the Children's Sermon they go to Sunday School.

1st Sunday Communion & Family Service.  When Communion is served (usually the 1st Sun of the month) there is no Sunday School.  Children are encouraged to stay in worship with their family and take communion as a part of the church family.

Nursery childcare is provided during the Worship service.  Staffed by wonderful professionals with full clearances who have worked with us for years.  Meet our Staff in the lively Nursery on the lower level.

All of our Volunteers are required to complete full PA criminal and child abuse clearances as well as FBI fingerprinting as required.  The process is simple, free for volunteers and completed online.  Please email Melanie if you are interested in Volunteering.


What we're learning this Spring

  • 1/29 Jesus is Baptized - we may get a little damp! 
  • 2/12 Jesus and the Fishermen - casting nets anyone? 
  • 2/19 Jesus heals a man - we'll try lowering someone through a roof!  
  • 2/26 Jesus calls the Disciples  
  • 3/12 - Lent; getting ready for Easter - puzzles & looking for light in the dark
  • 3/19 Jesus & the Children - you are important to Him!  
  • 3/26 Jesus heals a blind man
  • 4/9 Palm Sunday, welcome Jesus - coats, palms, parades & a donkey
  • 4/16 Easter Sunday! No Sunday School today, but celebrate with family.
  • 4/23 Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
  • 4/30 Jesus send Disciples into the world
  • 5/14 Jesus appears to the Disciples
  • 5/21 Jesus again asks Peter to follow Him

Melanie Holcomb is our director of Christian Education. You can contact Melanie anytime at:           412-761-1233