SafeChurch at CPCBA

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SafeChurch is an inclusive and strategic movement encompassing diverse expressions of the Christian Faith. Our church enrolled in a nine-month SafeChurch training program in 2016. Representatives from our congregation learned to foster a culture of proactive engagement and advocacy for keeping children safe from abuse in their church environment, home, school and the broader community.

The training focused on preventing and responding to child sexual abuse and includes:

  • K-12 curriculum and other resources to promote awareness

  • Welcoming past sexual offenders into your church while prioritizing child safety

  • Helping former victims of abuse begin the healing process

  • Development of policies/best practices

  • Education for staff/volunteers/congregation members

  • Understanding/applying legal mandates for reporting abuse

Our Session adopted a Safe Church Policy for our church, which is available from link below.

The laws in Pennsylvania have changed. Now anyone who works with children or youth are required by law to have clearances. See links below for clearances or contact the church office with any questions.

If you suspect abuse of a child, call Childline (800-932-0313).

Let us work together, each doing our part to ensure that CPCBA is a Safe Church for all of God’s children.

Child Protection Policy (Word File)

approved 2-19-201

Links for employees and volunteers

Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113) - Obtained from the Department of Human Services, i.e. DHS (Previously known as the Department of Public Welfare i.e. DPW).  The website is

Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check Form can be found at

FBI Fingerprint Record Checks: must be obtained through the Cogent ID website.

  • Employees must obtain the fingerprint record regardless of duration of residence in Pennsylvania.

  • Volunteers who have lived in Pennsylvania for less than 10 years are also required to get the FBI fingerprint records check. 

  • Volunteers who have lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the last 10 years are not required to undergo the Federal criminal history record and full set of fingerprints as long as they affirm in writing that they have lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 years

Locations where fingerprints can be processed can be found at Cost is approximately $22.