A Day in the life of Jerusalem

Day 9 was a free day.  Some of us rested in the hotel and packed.  Others explored the Old City and joined the crowds of people shopping.  


We even found a Pittsburgh Steeler shirt--in Hebrew!


A highlight of my day was meeting with a local woman named Widad. 


She is a Palestinian Christian who shared her story of her family being forced from their home by Israeli soldiers, who forced them—and many others—into exile.  Some fled to Jordan, others to Syria, but most stayed and lived as refugees.  That was 1949, and the Palestinians were never allowed to return.  A wall divides families and communities, preventing them to go to hospitals to visit sick relatives, or to go work to support their families. I asked Widad what we Christians in the United States could do?  She said, “Pray for us—pray for the Palestinians who suffer under Israeli occupation, that they might be given patience and perseverance to endure."  Please join with me in praying for Widad and for the Palestinian Christians in Israel.

Stay tuned for one more posting...