Youth at Community Church

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Our new Youth Room.  There's a place for you here, anytime.

Youth Events


    22 - Movie Night, Reformation Style 5:00-7:30 pm

    • It's the 500th anniversary of a guy who got ticked-off and nailed a list of his 95 problems to the church door.
    • He got death threats, had to argue with the Pope, hid in a castle.  The newly invented printing press probably saved his life.
    • They made a movie about it.  Spoiler: He marries a Nun who snuck out of the Nunnery in an empty barrel.
    • Of course, there will Popcorn.

    29 - Youth Group 5:00-7:00 pm

    • Pre-Halloween ?!  Possibly pumpkins, definitely candy. 
    nofilter Crestfield.jpg

    Middle School Retreat

    NOVEMBER 17, 18, 19.  Grade 6-8

         $105 each.  Let’s Go !!

    Here's a link with more Info.

    socks & snacks for the homeless

    Thank you for all who donated & helped serve at this event. It was a great experience and helped a lot of people.

    You are always welcome & encouraged to bring friends.  Please be sure to let them know that we are a welcoming place for the LGBT community and a safe space for real conversation.  We promise not to embarrass you or try to convert your friends;)     Thank you for all of your kindness and support for each other.

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    All are welcome at Youth Group!  Really, everyone.  We serve others, We have fun together, We grow in faith, purpose & understanding. 

    Email Melanie Holcomb, Youth Director, anytime at:  or  call 412-761-1233